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30 Kw Single or 3 Phase Inverter

Inverter Enclosure & Monitoring Screen   Geo-Thermally Cooled Electronics
DT-I-30 Inverter ← We manufacture our inverter to take specific advantage of the capabilities of our turbine. It is very efficient and capable of connecting to either single or 3 phase sites. The "maintenance" touch screen allows our technicians to change parameters of 29 control functions, either on-site or with optional remote monitoring capabilities. The touch-screen "users" interface will show system status and energy/power information.
The inverter is geo-thermally cooled for a much more efficient and clean environment for all the electrical equipment. Any components subject to getting warm, either sit on cold plates or are submersed in oil in the tank shown at bottom of inverter enclosure.

Controlled testing adjacent the test sled for the turbine, shows the inverter to be in excess of 95% efficient. --- Climate controlled interior allows for placing inverter either indoors or outside.
DT-I-30 Inverter
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