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American Made 30kW Wind Turbine
We have developed one of the world's most advanced, yet rugged small wind turbine system.
Our goal from the start has been to create the most efficient and reliable turbine system on the market, providing the fastest return on investment. We believe we have done that.

Dakota Tough! Specifications:
Designed, built, and tested for the constant and often brutal North Dakota winds. Average wind speeds that put the little State of ND 1st in potential wind production in the US. Temps. from -40 to over 100° F., with winds gusts from 5 to 15mph being the norm, makes for an ideal proving ground for the development of a wind turbine. Our turbine would be considered over-built by any measure, but has to be to allow for a 20 year service life in our wind regime.

30kW @ 24mph
Permanent Magnet, 18 coil, 3 phase
Direct drive, Upwind, Active Pitch/Yaw
Swept Area 1385ft² -- 128.7m²
3 to 40mph normal operating range
Grid Tie - Single Phase or 1 leg 3 Phase
Towers - 80' guyed tip-up, or 80/100 ft. mono-pole, hydraulic tip-up
Geo-thermally cooled 30kW inverter

Learn More About Our System:

Please take some time on this site to learn about our wind turbine system.
You will also find many resources about wind energy in general, "your wind regime", as well as spreadsheets to help determine your return on investment. It is our hope that you learn, not only about our wind turbine system, but about small wind in general. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments.